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She is served by invisible servants inside the house. She will explain about the riders if asked, but may kill a visitor who inquires about the servants. Baba Yaga is sometimes shown as an antagonist, and sometimes as a source of guidance; there are stories where she helps people with their quests, and stories in which she kidnaps children and threatens to eat them.


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Seeking out her aid is usually portrayed as a dangerous act. An emphasis is placed on the need for proper preparation and purity of spirit, as well as basic politeness. In the folk tale Vasilissa the Beautiful, the young girl of the title is sent to visit Baba Yaga on an errand and is enslaved by her, but the hag's servants—a cat , a dog , a gate, and a tree —help Vasilissa to escape because she has been kind to them.

In the end, Baba Yaga is turned into a crow. In another version of the Vasilissa story recorded by Alexander Afanasyev, Vasilissa is given three impossible tasks that she solves using a magic doll given to her by her mother.

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Such figures are usually benevolent, giving the hero advice, or magical presents, or both. Baba Jaga in Polish folklore differs in details. For example, the Polish Baba Jaga's house has only one chicken leg. A "cabin on chicken legs with no windows and no doors" in which Baba Yaga dwells sounds like pure fantasy. In fact, this is an interpretation of an ordinary construction popular among hunter-gatherer nomadic peoples of Siberia of Uralic Finno-Ugric and Tungusic families, invented to preserve supplies against animals during long periods of absence.

A doorless and windowless log cabin is built upon supports made from the stumps of two or three closely grown trees cut at the height of eight to ten feet. The stumps, with their spreading roots, give a good impression of "chicken legs. A similar but smaller construction was used by Siberian pagans to hold figurines of their gods.

The Enduring Allure of Baba Yaga, an Ancient Swamp Witch Who Loves to Eat People

Recalling the late matriarchy among Siberian peoples, a common picture of a bone-carved doll in rags in a small cabin on top of a tree stump fits a common description of Baba Yaga, who barely fits in her cabin, with legs in one corner, head in another one, her nose grown into the ceiling. There are indications that ancient Slavs had a funeral tradition of cremation in huts of this type.

In , Russian archaeologists Yefimenko and Tretyakov discovered small huts of the described type with traces of corpse cremation and circular fences around them.

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Baba Yaga is a favorite subject of Russian films and cartoons. The animated film Bartok the Magnificent features Baba Yaga as a main character, but not the antagonist. Indeed, the film Vasilissa the Beautiful by Aleksandr Rou, featuring Baba Yaga, was the first feature with fantasy elements in the Soviet Union , and the figure appeared often during the Soviet era. Baba Yaga has also been portrayed in two famous musical works.

Baba Yaga , a symphonic poem by Anatoly Lyadov, depicts the Baba Yaga summoning her mortar, pestle, and broom, and then flying through the forest.

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Estes was born of Hungarian and Mexican ancestry and focused her study on the stories share by both cultures. One story in her book is about "Vasilisa the Wise" and her encounter with Baba Yaga. In this case, both characters are symbols for the different phases of life. New World Encyclopedia writers and editors rewrote and completed the Wikipedia article in accordance with New World Encyclopedia standards.

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This article abides by terms of the Creative Commons CC-by-sa 3. Montagna, O. Nicrosini and F. Piccinini, "Matching perturbative and Parton Shower corrections to Bhabha process at flavour factories", Nucl. Bignamini, C.

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Piccinini, Nucl. Carloni Calame, Phys. Carloni Calame, C. Lunardini, G. D, [ The code includes also non-log order alpha corrections, which were the main source of theoretical error in the previous releases of the code.

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