Bifrost n°62 (REV BIFROST) (French Edition)

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The Fox Valley Murders. The Pleasant Grove Murders. The Deadly Isles. Bad Ronald. The House on Lily Street. Strange Notions. The Dark Ocean. The Dying Earth. Future Tense. Stark realizes that the Avengers have been manipulated by Helmut Zemo, who wanted revenge on the Avengers after his family was killed in Sokovia. After a brutal fight with Iron Man, Captain America flees and breaks his teammates out of prison. He later writes a letter to Iron Man apologizing for their feud and brings Barnes to Black Panther's home of Wakanda, to hide Barnes from the authorities and heal his mind.

Soon after the events in Vienna, T'Challa returns to Wakanda for his coronation as king. He successfully defeats rival tribe leader N'Baku to officially become king and Black Panther. Special Forces nickname, Killmonger. T'Challa returns to Wakanda and admits he couldn't stop Klaue, but soon after, Killmonger arrives in Wakanda with Klaue's body.

He uses killing Klaue and his status as N'Jobu's son to successfully challenge T'Challa and become king. Believing T'Challa dead, his allies escape before Killmonger can kill them to consolidate power. While Killmonger prepares to use Vibranium weapons to arm people across the world and create a Wakandan-led revolution, T'Challa returns and challenges him. T'Challa eventually defeats and kills Killmonger, but decides to end Wakanda's isolationist practices in favor of using the nation's wealth and technology to help the rest of the world.

Meanwhile, the world is introduced to another heroes.

Parker assists Stark and his allies in trying to bring in Captain America. Afterward, Stark gives Parker a new Spider-Man suit and upgraded web-shooters, which include a special holographic signal. This continues until he stops criminals robbing an ATM, using Toomes' powerful alien technology weapons.

Spider-Man discovers Toomes is using his flying vulture armor to steal alien technology from Damage Control to use in more illegal weapons. He tracks Toomes down and stops him from hijacking an Avengers drone plane loaded with powerful technology.

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  4. Toomes is sent to prison, along with one of his buyers, Mac Gargan aka the Scorpion , who vows to get revenge against Spider-Man. Sometime later that year, Dr. Stephen Strange, a gifted neurosurgeon, crashes his car, suffering major nerve damage to his hands. No longer able to perform surgery, Strange starts to search for ways to heal himself, eventually looking toward unconventional possibilities.

    Still pursuing a way to heal himself, Strange journeys to Napal and Kamar-Taj, where he meets the Ancient One and begins to learn the ways of magic. The Ancient One is later killed by the sorcerer Kaecilius, who uses a ritual to summon Dormammu and the Dark Dimension to overtake Earth. Doctor Strange, coming along as a sorcerer but still in training, battles Kaecilius but can't stop him from destroying Earth's sanctums.

    Strange then strikes a deal with Dormammu by imprisoning him in a time loop. Dormammu removes Kaecilius from Earth and Strange becomes the new master of the New York sanctum, but his ally Mordo abandons him and starts attacking sorcerers around the world. Six months after wiping out the last of the gangsters and cartel members responsible for the shootout that killed his family, Frank Castle goes underground, living in New York under the alias Pete Castiglione. He's contacted by David Lieberman, a CIA technician who goes by the hacker alias "Micro," who reveals that Schoonover was part of a larger conspiracy that targeted Castle and Lieberman.

    Castle and Lieberman work together to find and expose Agent Orange, a CIA operative who ran an illegal assassination campaign in Afghanistan using Castle's unit. It was Agent Orange who ordered Castle's family killed; the shootout was just a cover. Castle eventually finds and kills Agent Orange, but not before realizing his best friend, Billy Russo, was also involved in the conspiracy. Castle confronts Russo and greatly damages his face in the fight.

    The government wipes Castle's record, allowing him to go back to his life as Pete Castiglione, after he exposes Agent Orange's rogue actions. They join forces to become the Defenders. The Hand's ultimate goal is to harvest the bones of a dragon deep beneath New York City, from which they derive the substance that gives them immortality. Harvesting the bones will destroy the city, and the Defenders eventually stop the Hand and set explosives to level the building constructed over top of the excavation site. Murdock and Elektra, as well as Madame Gao and Murakami -- are in the building when it implodes.

    Murdock is thought dead but survives, nursed back to health in a convent in an unknown location.

    bifrost crossing Manual

    Sometime after the destruction of the Hand in New York City, Jessica Jones begins investigating the organization IGH after a powered person calling himself "The Whizzer "comes to her claiming someone is attempting to kill him. She learns her mother, Alisa Jones, survived the accident that killed Jessica's family, and is responsible for the murders because of the experiments performed on her. Jessica attempts to help Alisa, but Jessica's adopted sister, Trish Walker, learns about the experiments done by Dr. Malus and forces him to perform them on her. Jessica interrupts the procedure, and Malus kills himself to destroy his research.

    Odin reveals that he's dying and that Hela, their sister and the Asgardian goddess of death, will be released from imprisonment when he dies. Hela arrives on Earth moments after Odin's death, and immediately destroys Thor's hammer, Mjolnir.

    Hela flings Thor and Loki out of the Bifrost, and they wind up on Sakaar.

    Bifrost n°62 (REV BIFROST) (French Edition) Bifrost n°62 (REV BIFROST) (French Edition)
    Bifrost n°62 (REV BIFROST) (French Edition) Bifrost n°62 (REV BIFROST) (French Edition)
    Bifrost n°62 (REV BIFROST) (French Edition) Bifrost n°62 (REV BIFROST) (French Edition)
    Bifrost n°62 (REV BIFROST) (French Edition) Bifrost n°62 (REV BIFROST) (French Edition)
    Bifrost n°62 (REV BIFROST) (French Edition) Bifrost n°62 (REV BIFROST) (French Edition)
    Bifrost n°62 (REV BIFROST) (French Edition) Bifrost n°62 (REV BIFROST) (French Edition)
    Bifrost n°62 (REV BIFROST) (French Edition) Bifrost n°62 (REV BIFROST) (French Edition)

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