Biodiversity and Human Health

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Ferris, H.


Unearthing the role of biological diversity in soil health. Soil Biol.

Bultman, M. Selinus Ch. Pepper, I. Soil: a public health threat or savior?

The past, present, and future of soils and human health studies. Soil 1 , 35—46 Myers, S.

Connecting global priorities: biodiversity and human health: a state of knowledge review.

Emerging threats to human health from global environmental change. Berg, G. The rhizosphere as a reservoir for opportunistic human pathogenic bacteria. Ganz, H. Interactions between Bacillus anthracis and plants may promote anthrax transmission. PLoS Negl. Smith, K. Bacillus anthracis diversity in Kruger National Park. Strongyloides stercoralis : global distribution and risk factors. Khieu, V. High prevalence and spatial distribution of Strongyloides stercoralis in rural Cambodia. Soil-transmitted helminth infections: updating the global picture.

Trends Parasitol. Kay, A. Matricardi, P. High microbial turnover rate preventing atopy: a solution to inconsistencies impinging on the hygiene hypothesis? Allergy 30 , — Rook, G. Hanski, I. Environmental biodiversity, human microbiota, and allergy are interrelated. Natl Acad.

Biodiversity Conservation and Human Health

USA , — This study provides evidence that people living near environmentally diverse areas had less propensity for allergies because of a greater diversity of commensal bacteria on their skin, most of which are also found in soil and vegetation. Haahtela, T. The Finnish Allergy Programme ——scientific rationale and practical implementation. Asia Pacific Allergy 2 , — Ruokolainen, L.

Biodiversity Day: Focus on food biodiversity and human health

Green areas around homes reduce atopic sensitization in children. Allergy 70 , — Prichard, R. Mayers, D. Corbett, C. The effectiveness of faecal removal methods of pasture management to control the cyathostomin burden of donkeys. Parasites Vectors 7 , 48 Epstein, L. Fifty years since Silent Spring.

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Phylogenetic analysis of Pasteuria penetrans by use of multiple genetic loci. Gray, N. Ecology of nematophagous fungi: Panagrellus redivivus as the target organism. Plant Soil 73 , — Stirling, G. Costa, S. Interactions between nematodes and their microbial enemies in coastal sand dunes. Oecologia , — Diversity and complexity complement apparent competition: nematode assemblages in banana plantations. Acta Oecol. Suppressive service of the soil food web: effects of environmental management.

This study showed that the prevalence of predator and omnivorous nematodes, which suppressed plant parasitic nematodes, was higher in soils with more complex foodwebs. Penton, C. Fungal community structure in disease suppressive soils assessed by 28S LSU gene sequencing. Weller, D. Microbial populations responsible for specific soil suppressiveness to plant pathogens. Johnson, P.

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Species diversity reduces parasite infection through cross-generational effects on host abundance. Ecology 93 , 56—64 Biodiversity decreases disease through predictable changes in host community competence. This laboratory and field study showed that a richer host diversity reduced transmission of a parasite the trematode Ribeiroia ondatrae and reduced amphibian disease.

Keesing, F. Effects of species diversity on disease risk. Searle, C. A dilution effect in the emerging amphibian pathogen Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis. Experimental evidence for reduced rodent diversity causing increased hantavirus prevalence. Microbial diversity determines the invasion of soil by a bacterial pathogen. Experimental results showed that in soils with greater microbial diversity invading bacteria have a lower survival rate. Andersen, D.

Belowground herbivory in natural communities—a review emphasizing fossorial animals. Gehring, C. Terrestrial vertebrates promote arbuscular mycorrhizal fungal diversity and inoculum potential in a rain forest soil.

Biodiversity and Human Health
Biodiversity and Human Health
Biodiversity and Human Health
Biodiversity and Human Health
Biodiversity and Human Health

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