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Beijing boasts it can seize the island easily. The PLA knows better.

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You know what? It works! This may seem totally weird to Westerners and I must admit I felt a bit strange about it as well when I was first given this piece of advice. After all, if you want a hot drink why not just drink tea or coffee?

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Drinking hot water is actually really good for you! It gives your ego a nice boost and I often cannot help but think how nice it would be if people at home did the same. At least to some Chinese people I look like a top model, so I do not have to worry about make-up and clothes all that much. I am not sure how many family albums or WeChat moments my picture has graced so far but it must be a lot. All that remains to say then is: Happy snapping! If you want first hand China experience, apply now!

To be eligible for our Generation UK — China internship programme, you must meet one of the following financial eligibility criteria depending on which year you began your studies, where you study and which student funding body you are receiving support from. You will be asked to provide official documentation in support of your application which details the level of support you receive based on your household income. Please review the section that applies to you. Our Programmes. Internship Listings. Language Courses. Generation UK - Funding. InternChina Scholarships.

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Other Programmes. No matter if it is Carrie Lam, who has come under fire for formulating plans to build a Beijing Palace Museum in Hong Kong without public consultation; John Tsang, who prioritises business interests; or pro-establishment Regina Ip, the candidates are all products of a small, inner circle of politics dominated by elitist interests.

While some think that a new chief executive might bring about change, ultimately Chinese president Xi Jinping will continue to wield iron-fisted control over Hong Kong. Since a simple change of face in a system controlled by an authoritarian regime cannot bring true change, we call for a representative, democratically elected chief executive.

If China allows the human rights of Hong Kong , its freest city, to deteriorate, China itself will lose all hopes of reform. Without Hong Kong as a beacon of civil liberties, what hope can China have for developing a respect for rule of law and human rights? As is the tradition, Chinese officials visit Hong Kong annually to celebrate the transfer of sovereignty.

As we prepare for this possibility, we again emphasize this: no matter the outcome of the elections, the fact that we are only offered candidates from a pre-selected pool is telling of the fact that the current system denies us a truly democratic vote. To have genuine democratic elections is to have a say in our future, and until we reach such a day, we will continue to resist.

There are four contenders now seeking the top job. You da real MVP!!! Can I use the hour visa for a business trip?

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Thank you! Based on my understanding, business trips require a business visa. Transit is specifically for the purpose of travelers transiting through China. Just want to let you guys know that there are certain ports you can leave from. Booking a bullet train to hong Kong will get you sent back home immediately speaking from a terrible and expensive experience. Hope you can help me out: If i want to go to chengdu with a hrs transit visa, can i visit Dujiangyan panda base 55 km from chendu city and the leshan buddha? Thanks, Giorgio.

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When entering Chengdu on the visa-free policy, you can visit anywhere in the province of Sichuan. Does that answer your question? Hi, Your article has been very helpful. Would this work for 2 separate uses of the visas? I plan on staying in Hong Kong for 2 nights. Hi Gretchen, theoretically, that should work. Hi, great post! Thanks for all the info! Do you know whether you can apply for the hour visa-free transit online? I read in two websites that you can at least start the application process via online before your flight so at your arrival you reduce the paperwork and the processing time to get the permit.

I am not aware of any online application.

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Hi any luck with this? In march i was able to use thAt link to regiSteR. You were supposed to be able to apply online ahead of time then you will be given a qr code to scan in maChine Upon arrival in china. Now that i have soLId dates for travel, that link to shanghai police bureau is now BroKen. I fly from London to Jakarta via Shenzhen with Shenzhen airlines. I have a 5-hour transit at Shenzhen airport. Do I as a UK citizen need a Chinese visa?

It is a little confusing…. I have been reading many articles on this rule, but Im still confused. Hope you can help me. So, here is my situation. I would then fly from Beijing to USA, again on a separately booked one-way ticket. I will be traveling with two young children and a grumpy husBand, so you can probably understand my nervousness about the whole thing.

Has anyone done this type of a trip? Should I be concerNed?

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Hello, I am flying from Bangkok to Los Angeles but have 2 layovers in china. I have one in Guangzhou for 12 hours and the next is in beijing for 22 hours. I would like to take advantage of the hour visa-free transit in beijing so I can do the great wall for the day. I will not be leaving the airport in guangzhou. Or will it be restricted because i will be coming from guangzhou?

Thank you so much! Is it possible to do a Hong kong to Chengdu back to Macau trip with the transit visa? They want your name, citizenship, passport no. When done, you get a QR code which can be scanned in the Arrival area in Shanghai and which then prints the arrival card. We are using this as we fly from Switzerland via Helsinki to Shanghai, staying 2 days then leaving on a cruise to Japan.

After a week, we come back to Shanghai, applying for another h visa exemption and then flying back to Switzerland via Finland. Im doing hong kong-beijing-sydney in december-january but i would like confirmation that i can obtain the visa as ive been told i can only get a visa on the overnight train as its locked where as the bullet train isnt!

I am travelling to india from paris through china. Great article, clear and easy to understand. Is it possible though to fly back to Beijing from Tokoyo and then to the Uk if its over 6 days? Does gongbei port has this 72 hours visa-free transit office? If yes, after we toured the region of guandong, can we take the train back to Hong Kong?

Or can I do the reverse and enjoy the visa free transit? You need to check the government website listed here to see if the transit visa is offered at the Guangzhou train station. I no longer have any completely blanks pages left in my passport and realise I will need to get a new one soon, but I have several pages with only one stamp on that could handle a half page sticker. Hey Josh, thanks for your helpful description. Just one clrafication question: Do I need a Pre-reserved seat for the onwarding flight out of China or is it simply enough to show them the flight confirmation?

Thanks for your precious answer! I have been searching everywhere for an answer and your article has helped a lot! I am hoping someone can answer a question for me regarding the hr transit visa for my husband and myself. Your email address will not be published. Ports of Entry In order to take advantage of the China transit visa, you MUST arrive and depart directly through one of the following cities. Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang : Travelers entering any of these ports may move freely within these provinces.

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  • Guangzhou : Movement restricted to Guangdong province. China Visa: The Comprehensive Guide for Tips on Tipping in China Traveler's Guide for Traveling or Moving to China Soon?

    Comments Can minors also apply for the hour visa? Hi Josh, very helpful post. Hi Gontzal, did you end up trying this? Considering the same thing. Hey Josh, Great post — thanks! A Brit arriving in Shanghai from Singapore, with an onward flight to Vietnam for example.

    China: Dont go there until... China: Dont go there until...
    China: Dont go there until... China: Dont go there until...
    China: Dont go there until... China: Dont go there until...
    China: Dont go there until... China: Dont go there until...
    China: Dont go there until... China: Dont go there until...
    China: Dont go there until... China: Dont go there until...

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