Dave Smethurst - Weapon of Mass Destruction

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Travel and Utopia. Back Matter Pages About this book Introduction This collection focuses attention on theoretical approaches to travel writing, with the aim to advance the discourse.

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Internationally renowned, as well as emerging, scholars establish a critical milieu for travel writing studies, as well as offer a set of exemplars in the application of theory to travel writing. Travel writing travel writing studies critical theory geocriticism geohumanities mobility tourism blind travel Romanticism topologies cartographies eco-criticism anthropology The Great Wall Hong Kong Isabella Bird Robert Macfarlane Afropolitianism William Adams Japan Imagination Narrative Paratext travel writing.

Editors and affiliations. University of Hong Kong Hong Kong. Buy options. And apparently NPP folks are the ones that finally see Paul clearly without being clouded by their cultural situation:. But is this really the case? Is it true that NPP folks have somehow been able to do what reformed folks have not, namely throw off the shackles of cultural influence and see the real Paul?

Are they able to rise above their cultural circumstances and engage only in objective exegesis whatever that might be?

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This may be one of the most common questions people ask about early Christology. Even if other people thought Jesus was divine, did Jesus himself think so? Not surprisingly, Ehrman argued that Jesus never thought of himself as God. Leaning on his earlier book, Jesus: Apocalyptic Prophet of the New Millennium Oxford, , he says that Jesus just viewed himself as an apocalyptic prophet who was ushering in the Kingdom of God basically Albert Schweitzer redivivus.

Ehrman adopts what he regards as the standard methodologies of modern critical scholarship, including the criteria of authenticity and even the controversial and oft-debated criteria of dissimilarity. Needless to say, this all works out a little too neatly. Ehrman portrays his critical methods not only as something that all scholars agree upon, but as something that leads to clear cut, unambiguous results.

By now, many readers will have seen or even read the rather brazen op-ed piece in USA Today by retired mainline pastor, Oliver Thomas. The church has been wrong about the Bible.

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So, argues Thomas, once we get that pesky Bible out of the picture, we are free to approve homosexuality as right and good. And once we do that, then our churches—which have been bleeding members for years—will finally grow again. Of course, Thomas is not the first one to try to make Christianity compatible with homosexuality.

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Once we interpret it rightly, it turns out the Bible is actually for homosexuality. All of them are wrong. Not even Jesus. Needless to say, that is a bold argument. And it will take a lot to back it up. So, how does Thomas get there? Basically he has three arguments against the Bible: [Read more…]. We have three kids, 18, 15, 12, and have certainly learned a lot of lessons.

When was the first time we can see that happening? For many modern scholars, the key time is the end of the second century. Only then, largely due to the influence of Irenaeus, were these books first regarded as Scripture. But, I think there is evidence that NT books were regarded as Scripture much earlier. And some of this evidence is routinely overlooked.

A good example is the widely neglected text tucked away in 1 Tim The first part of this quote comes from Deut , but where does the second part come from? There is one text, and one text only, that matches these words, namely the statement of Jesus in Luke For some, the mere suggestion that Paul used Luke is unthinkable. Here are the most common objections: [Read more…]. So, I am pleased to say that Ligonier is about to release a new DVD series where I give six introductory lectures on the origins and authority of the NT canon.

You can order the videos here. Virtually every Christian has heard that question at one time or another. And when we do, our hearts beat faster and we feel a flutter in our stomachs. We want to offer an insightful, sophisticated, and compelling answer. Just something that will keep us from looking foolish. So, we search our brains for that apologetics talk we heard years ago and the numerous historical data points that were mentioned. But, lurking in the background of such discussions is an assumption that needs to be challenged. We are only justified in our beliefs, so we think, if we can recite a litany of scientific data points to back them up.

But, if we insist this is the only grounds for our beliefs, then we run into a few problems. It was a beautiful venue overlooking a fantastic golf course. Our musical guest was Sandra McCracken , one of the most gifted Christian artists today. Blending an amazing voice with acoustic guitar and piano, Sandra played a number of her well-known songs, including We Will Feast in the House of Zion. She was such a delight to listen to. So, it was great to have Will join us. Here are a number of photos that capture the feel of the evening.

In modern studies of the NT canon, there is a lot of discussion maybe even obsession! Indeed, they knew them well enough to recognize they were not authentic apostolic writings. So, no one hid or suppressed these books. On the contrary, early Christians were quite open about the problems with these books and overtly stated why they should be rejected as part of the biblical canon.

Unfortunately, many modern studies of canon give the impression that early Christians read these lost books in droves. It was only when later church authorities decided to clamp down, we are told, that the popularity of these books waned. But the historical evidence says otherwise. The perennial question in the debate over sola Scriptura is whether the church is over the Bible or the Bible is over the church.

The latter position is generally speaking a Protestant one—the Scriptures, and the Scriptures alone, are the only infallible rule and therefore the supreme authority over the church. The former position generally speaking is a Roman Catholic one—the church decided the canon and also, through the pope, decides how these books are to be interpreted.

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In this way, the authority of the Bible rests on the prior and more foundational authority of the church. Of course, Catholics would not word it quite this way. The Roman church insists that the Scripture is always superior to the Magisterium. However, despite these qualifications, one still wonders how Scripture can be deemed the ultimate authority if the Magisterium is able to define, determine, and interpret the Scripture in the first place. Regardless, this question of whether the church is over the Bible also comes up in the world of critical scholarship. These individuals, on the surface, look like they have it all.

Impressive degrees, high-power jobs, and lots of money. Surely, if anyone would be happy, it would be these folks.

And yet, Duhigg discovers, most of these folks are profoundly miserable. Professional disappointment is at an all-time high. While the results of this study will be shocking to many in the modern day, it is not all that surprising from a biblical perspective. Not only do worldly riches fail to satisfy, but we live in a fallen world where our labors are regularly frustrated.

Many Christians, who feel just this sense of meaninglessness and frustration in the corporate world, will turn to vocational ministry as the cure. Surely, if I am preaching the gospel and building the Kingdom of God, one might think, then I will finally find the job satisfaction I am longing for. Not so much. Psalm is an amazing Psalm. Not only is it the longest Psalm verses! Thus, Psalm is one of the best examples of Scripture speaking about Scripture.

It is the Word about the Word. And in it, we find David interacting with the Word of God in five ways that should be paradigmatic for all believers: [Read more…].

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And, so the argument goes, if capitalism is driven by a sinful desire greed , then it must be rejected as an immoral system. Such issues have come up again in recent months as a number of new members of congress and old members are pushing the country away from capitalism and towards socialism , mostly on moral grounds.

Even some well-meaning evangelicals, who have a genuine care for the poor, find themselves drawn to this new movement and its disdain for capitalism. In light of this current climate, I appreciate Jay W. Richards sets out to dispel many myths about capitalism, and is particularly intent on showing that it is not at all contrary to the teachings of Jesus and Christianity, as so many suppose. Chapter five is devoted to the myth that capitalism is driven by greed, and Richards makes a number of useful points: [Read more…].

We have already received some copies, but the book will not be formally released until March 1st. It actually helps make your prayers concrete. It breaks out of the standard, worldly paradigm where our highest hopes for our kids are centered on sports and school.

Instead, Melissa focuses on the fruits of the spirit, Christian character, love for Christ, standing for truth, and more. My own daughter, Emma 18 , wrote the foreword! She describes her own sense of prayer, having grown up in a Christian home.

Below is the description of the book and the many great endorsements. Pre-order today! He also serves as the senior pastor of Christ Covenant Church here in Charlotte.

Dave Smethurst - Weapon of Mass Destruction Dave Smethurst - Weapon of Mass Destruction
Dave Smethurst - Weapon of Mass Destruction Dave Smethurst - Weapon of Mass Destruction
Dave Smethurst - Weapon of Mass Destruction Dave Smethurst - Weapon of Mass Destruction
Dave Smethurst - Weapon of Mass Destruction Dave Smethurst - Weapon of Mass Destruction
Dave Smethurst - Weapon of Mass Destruction Dave Smethurst - Weapon of Mass Destruction
Dave Smethurst - Weapon of Mass Destruction Dave Smethurst - Weapon of Mass Destruction

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