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Out of body experiences, by contrast — can involve elements of confusion and dream-like properties.

Dream of Walking on Water – Interpretation and Meaning

What is really fascinating, is the idea that the dreaming mind or soul has the capacity to leave the body via lucid dreaming. You might just be interested in knowing more about the person, or would simply love to share a dream for an exciting adventure. Seeing as dreams can be used and have been used for problem solving or unearthing secrets, these elements might be more interesting.

Be honest with yourself and ask if you could get the required information or answer simply by engaging with the person. Walking while bowing one's head in a dream means longevity, or it could mean recovering from a long illness. Walking over the clouds in a dream means rain. Walking with a cane in a dream means old age, or an illness which will require the help of a cane. Hopping on one foot in a dream means losing half of one's wealth. Having several feet in a dream means losing one's sight. If the governor sees himself having many feet in a dream, it means that he will be impeached from his office.

Walking on water Dream Explanation — Walking on water in a dream represents one's strong faith, certitude and trust in Allah Almighty.

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  • Dream Walking.
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This is particularly true if while waking one also speaks words of wisdom. Otherwise, walking on water in a dream also could mean clarifying a complex issue. Walking on water in a dream also could mean undertaking a dangerous venture and trusting one's affairs to Allah's protection.

Dream Walkin' - Toby Keith (w/ lyrics)

If one walks back from the water to the dry land in a dream, it means that he will satisfy his needs or fulfill his intentions. In a dream, waking on water represents one's good intention, clarity and certitude. Walking on water Dream Explanation — Walking on water in a dream also means unveiling a mystery, the need to trust one's affairs into Allah's hand, or it may mean approaching a danger, or it could mean that the accumulated pressures one is enduring are bearing heavy on him.

It also means placing one's trust in Allah Almighty before embarking on a trip that could entail some danger. To walk on water, whether it is an ocean or a river in a dream also denotes good spiritual standing, religious assiduousness and strong faith, certitude and determination.

Also see River; Water Sound of walking Dream Explanation — See Tap Walking the Streets Dream Explanation — A man compassing the streets in a dream represents a guide, a sheikh, a spiritual guide, a preacher, a teacher, a peacemaker and one who accepts what is good and discards what is evil. Walking on the Sea Dream Explanation — Walking on the ocean suggest he will have dominance on the nobility and elite people of the world.

Dream Walking

One night, he saw his nephew in his farm walking over snakes. Of course, not everyone might share the beliefs of the Aboriginal people of Australia, but somehow it feels that dreams should be considered private.

Dream of Walking on Water – Interpretation and Meaning

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Dream Walking Dream Walking
Dream Walking Dream Walking
Dream Walking Dream Walking
Dream Walking Dream Walking
Dream Walking Dream Walking
Dream Walking Dream Walking
Dream Walking Dream Walking
Dream Walking Dream Walking

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