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Sometimes they're male and sometimes they're female, sometimes they're young and sometimes they're old. The Will Kellys of this world are just a bit more sensitive than most people I suppose. They know they should move on but they just can't seem to do it.

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He knows he's whining. He knows he's pathetic. And yet he still carries on. I don't think I've ever rooted so much for one person to get their happy ending in my life and so when he gets it part of me feels like I get it too. Part of the reason comes down to the fact that I rewrote My Legendary Girlfriend so many times. And part of it is down to the demands of Will's character, which I'll concede can be a bit extreme at times. Some of it comes down to the fact that as a novice writer I was so desperate to keep the attention of the reader and therefore packed it full of jokes.

And whatever difference is left is probably down to the fact that the book I wanted My Legendary Girlfriend to be was initially very different to the way it ended up.

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The original title of My Legendary Girlfriend was Nothing. It was going to be this very bleak sort of existential novel about a guy who was depressed about being dumped by his girlfriend [I was I hasten to add in what I've labelled the "angry young man" phase of my early twenties].

The idea was that the reader would get a snapshot of the excruciating minutiae of his life and literally nothing would happen in it. That was near enough give or take a few weird dream sequences where the first draft ended up.

It was all very bleak and serious. Once I read through it all however I realised that it wouldn't work. It was just too So I kept the intensity, added hundreds of jokes, upped the drama until it was just outside melodrama, and lightened Will's character so that even though he was depressed he could see the funny side of being depressed.

One of my favourite parts of My Legendary Girlfriend is when Will realises that he's wasted Sodding sod! I've wasted three mouthfuls of the only can of Coke I'm ever going to get!

The drafts in question were one's where Kate's character had come to the fore and Will falls in love with her on the phone. He makes the arrangement to go and see Kate in Brighton as in the published version but in the last scene you realise that he has chickened out and gone to work as normal. I liked it because I thought it was realistic but then I realised that a depressing ending isn't actually any more "real" than a happy ending. This is actually just a myth propagated by people who want to be considered serious by critics. I'm now personally of the opinion that the best ending for any book is the one that's most fitting for the characters.

That is all. And given that I'd made Will spend three hundred odd pages being miserable I reasoned that he sort of deserved a happy ending. My Legendary Girlfriend. He's going to have to beg for another student-banking overdraft extension. He's avoiding a clingy one-night stand, Summary: On the eve of his 26th birthday weekend, Will Kelly could be having a quarter-life crisis He's avoiding a clingy one-night stand, and his one-room London flat is a cesspool. And worst of all, it's three years on- and he's still hopelessly obsessed with his 'legendary' ex-girlfriend Aggi.

Will thinks he's just going to lie in and be pathetic this birthday weekend, but instead events conspire that will make him re-evaluate his life, transform all his major relationships, fall in love - and maybe, just maybe, finally get over Aggi. Review : My Legendary Girlfriend is a remarkably dynamic story, for consisting entirely of phone conversations.

This is where Mike Gayle really shines, with snappy and funny and revealing dialogue between the characters. Will Kelly may be unhappy and obsessive- but he knows it- and Gayle really plays up the humor of the desperate situation while also being true to the very Will's very modern existential concerns. What is he going to do with his life? His career? What really makes or breaks a friendship? What is love and what is simply selfish fancy?

How much do we really want to be not lonely?

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I think these topics are very relatable and universal to anyone who has ever felt rather lost in life. And I really ended up rooting for Will and cheering him on when he finally navigates out of these murky waters: shaping up, re-orienting- and finally starts living his life rather than miring on auto-pilot. Aug 20, Jack rated it really liked it. In order to really enjoy Gayle's books.

It helps if you are male! Since all his work is told from this perspective! I write that as i've seen a few disparaging reviews from some of the female readers, However. In this story. Will is a young. Newly qualified teacher.

About to embark on his first term as an English teacher in a tough Birmingham UK city school. He's up to his neck in debt from his university education. Renting a flat that has all the charm as a contemporary bomb site! Trying to In order to really enjoy Gayle's books.

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Trying to cope with an ever increasing overdraft. Oh, and an obsession over 'The One' who recently dumped him! His legendary girlfriend. Add to this blend of hysterical misery, an egotistical friend. The next big thing in music! A friend in Alice.

My Legendary Girlfriend

The woman he knows is a good mate! A somewhat mysterious woman who used to live in his flat, who calls him up and keeps asking if there's any post for her! A school full of kids, most of whom seem as though they couldn't care less! And there you have it!

I won't give away the ending as that would seriously spoil the reading of this book. I read the dust jacket and found myself howling with laughter!! Since i first bought it. I've made the mistake of lending it!!!!! First to my much younger sister. Then to my male work colleague. Then to my brother. Hence i am now on my 4th copy!!

My Legendary Girlfriend

It's THAT good!!! Feb 18, Brian rated it did not like it. Okay, I wanted to not really say anything about this book since I thought it was so horrible and I don't really like to say anything too pessimistic I was kind of going through a slump of bad books lately. Not horrible, just not finding anything entertaining and feeling like I was kind of slogging through the thing just to finish it.

But My Legendary Girlfriend tops them all off! The writing Okay, I wanted to not really say anything about this book since I thought it was so horrible and I don't really like to say anything too pessimistic The writing was horrible and the characters were totally annoying. I hated the fact that it was written from a first person perspective because the main character was so pathetic and I had no interest in knowing what he was thinking or the reasoning of his actions.

If there were examples of why this ex-girlfriend of his was so legendary I could maybe see the point but there's no reference to their past relationship that would warrant him missing her so much. What few things he does cite just make her seem totally evil. So I don't know if it's just because I don't understand British humor which I will admit I am not a big fan of or if the writing and story is just as bad as I think it is. I just know from my perspective that it was a really tough novel for me to get through and it was getting me to the point of frustration.

My Legendary Girlfriend My Legendary Girlfriend
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My Legendary Girlfriend My Legendary Girlfriend
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My Legendary Girlfriend

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