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Antelope and cattle are the most represented animals in Moroccan rock art, although elephants and rhinoceros are common.

We visited one of the sites this year, at Ait Ouaazik near Tazzarine in the pre-Sahara. That means at least a 3 day round-trip from Marrakech, but easily combined with a longer tour to the desert. Being in such a remote location we had the site to ourselves and were met by the local guardian who has now taken a special interest in the rock art and shows visitors around.

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The guardian is ensuring no more are taken. We are captivated by the images and representation of life on the continent thousands of years ago.

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The site lies in a broad albeit dry valley with occasional palm trees and Acacia trees providing verdant relief. It would be easy to picture a greener landscape in this part of Morocco.

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Prehistoric Rock Art Sites in the Côa Valley and Siega Verde

Learn More in these related Britannica articles:. Stylistic developments show the existence of workshops and schools, and the degree of influence they exercised reached into…. Rock and cave art attributable to the San, some of which is thought to be about 26, years old, has been found across much of Southern Africa. The greatest number of paintings, which primarily depict human figures and such animals as elands, elephants, cattle, and….

The images were made over a period of at least 25, years. Although scholars originally saw the South African….

The Rock Art of India

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Prehistoric Rock Art Prehistoric Rock Art
Prehistoric Rock Art Prehistoric Rock Art
Prehistoric Rock Art Prehistoric Rock Art
Prehistoric Rock Art Prehistoric Rock Art
Prehistoric Rock Art Prehistoric Rock Art
Prehistoric Rock Art Prehistoric Rock Art
Prehistoric Rock Art Prehistoric Rock Art

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