Scarf Bicolour Pattern

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At the end of the 6-row repeat, you have worked every row in each color, just not one right after the other. When working in the round, the right side of the fabric is always facing you, which means you need to change things up a bit to keep the same pattern. Worked over an even number of stitches.

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Pro Tip If you want to stick with the simplicity of one color, try experimenting with variegated and self-striping yarns. Pro Tip For a perfect pattern when working in two colors, change things up for your first couple of rows: Cast on with color A and begin with Row 2 instead of Row 1. Knit Colorwork. Want More Like This? Start a free trial for unlimited access to every project, pattern, recipe and tutorial on Bluprint. More to Explore. Happy knitting, Marilla. Am I missing something here?

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How would you slide on long straight needles? Thanks for the help. I too love your patterns not to mention the Purl Soho yarns. Thanks for your comment. If you wanted to use straight needles for this pattern you would have to slip all of your stitches to the other needle in order to be on the correct end of the scarf. Unfortunately I am unable to purchase your beautiful yarn at this time.

Presently, I have Plymouth yarn baby alpaca Cherish. It sounds like your yarn should be able to achieve gauge for this pattern but I would recommend doing some gauge swatches before starting your final project. Clearly NOT a multiple of 7 for your 67 stitch cast on. Hello Dale, thank you for reaching out! The cast on is with color A. I hope this clears things up please let me know if you have any further questions! Warmly, Marilla. In my case, with straight needles, the work is always turned.

What do I do? What are you thoughts on matching the rose granite and lavender moon for this scarf? Or the lavender moon and dove grey? Thanks for reaching out! I think both of the color combinations that you suggest will be lovely!

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The Rose Granite and Lavender Moon would have a bit more contrast! I love your site! I have made numerous projects and have been thrilled with all of them. Hello Emily, Thank you for reaching out! This is very mysterious- how long are the stripes? Is it happening with just one of the colors or both of the colors? Hi Marilla The stripes run across horizontal, it seems like it was only one line, it happens randomly, and certainly more visible with the dark yarn!

Let us know how it goes and if you continue to have this issue feel free to e-mail us a photo of your scarf at store purlsoho. From there we can further trouble what could be going wrong. In my experience sometimes it does help to take a break with a new project- perhaps the issue will be become clear when your Herringbone Scarf is finished. I love this pattern and I love the yarn. Question: I used size 6 needles and knitted the pattern for 69 inches.

2-Tone Chevron - Crochet Pattern - Scarf Tutorial

I then wet blocked it, lying it flat. I did not stretch it. I am an experienced knitter and have wet blocked many, many garments. Holy cow. Finished dimensions are now 11 inches by Have other knitters experienced this? While I have not had this experience with this pattern, I have had it with others in the past. When wet blocking, I push the edges of the item to be the dimensions that I want it to be when finished. The weight of the water in the piece can stretch it significantly and I find that by gently massaging it into shape and size while wet, so long as it dries flat, it will maintain the dimensions and shape.

Thanks, Cassy. Not so bad. Hello, I mistakenly only ordered one skein of each color. I just ordered one more skein of each. The numbers listed after the color are the same as what I ordered before, are those dye lots numbers? I am happy to help! The numbers listed after the color are the color number and not the dyelot. One the label for your yarn, you will find the color number and a second number that is listed as the dyelot.

If you call in when ordering additional yarn and provide the dyelot, we can always try to see if we have more of that dyelot available. Hi — I love this scarf and am I pretty new knitter. The first step is to cast on with color A and then the pattern says to turn and knit with B. How do I join color B? Slightly confused.. Hello Olivia, Thank you for reaching out!

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To join color B you simply just start knitting onto your color A cast on with color B. I would recommend checking out our joining a new ball of yarn tutorial for some extra tips, though you will be adding your yarn at the beginning of the row rather than in the middle. I hope this clarifies things for you. I would love to make a scarf that looks like your picture but when I start knitting, following the pattern, I get sort of a tweedy effect.

Not the beautiful straight lines of alternating color that your scarf shows. Hello Laura, Thank you for reaching out! The look of this scarf changes drastically depending on the colors you are using.

Green yellow red flag horizontal

We used soft contrasting colors in our color ways which create the subtle shifts in color. As you can imagine if you are using high contrast colors the shift in color is going to look very different. Because the end result of this scarf is so dependent on color, I would say that swatching is important before jumping into this project. I hope this helps and happy knitting!

This is such a lovely scarf! Have some of this at home and would like to use for a scarf. Thank you. Thanks for writing in and for the kind words! Understory would be an excellent yarn to substitute in this pattern! To make a scarf the same size as this one, you would need two skeins of each color. I think I have found the answer by looking at photos on Ravelry. In photos from a distance you see what look like vertical rows of color.

Scarf with material - coloured polka dot pattern

But blow up the pictures and you will see that the scarf is tweedy up close. To get the vertical color line effect, you have to finish the scarf and then stand back. This is so beautiful! I would love to make this scarf, but would prefer a green color.

Scarf Bicolour Pattern Scarf Bicolour Pattern
Scarf Bicolour Pattern Scarf Bicolour Pattern
Scarf Bicolour Pattern Scarf Bicolour Pattern
Scarf Bicolour Pattern Scarf Bicolour Pattern
Scarf Bicolour Pattern Scarf Bicolour Pattern
Scarf Bicolour Pattern Scarf Bicolour Pattern
Scarf Bicolour Pattern Scarf Bicolour Pattern
Scarf Bicolour Pattern Scarf Bicolour Pattern
Scarf Bicolour Pattern

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