The Collected Poetry Of J.A. Giunta, Volume II

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Buy your friends and family the gift of being informed about the Singularity. Taken from the Tumblr web comic of the same name. He writes extensively in Falconry and in that niche market is an international best seller. Patti Hultstrand Patti Hultstrand has been writing since the 7th grade when her English teacher took an active interest in her poetry and short story writing.

She became hooked when one of her short stories was published in the local library sci-fi magazine. Her first love became science-fiction when she was introduced to the works of Ray Bradbury. Fandom bit her when she actually met the man behind the works in , at a special engagement speech in Phoenix, Arizona. She had taken many of those writing tips and life examples to apply in her everyday life. Now writing as PJ Hultstrand, she has three published novels which are time-travel romances, and has written many articles for various mediums. With her long career of 21 years in graphic design and publishing, Patti has an accolade of four catalogs, nine program books, three magazine titles, 46 books, and she is now the Managing Editor of the long-standing, Arizona grown speculative fiction newspaper, ConNotations NewsZine.

Donald Jacques Donald Jacques is currently the Executive VP, and a past president of the Moon Society of Phoenix, and spearheading multiple projects exploring technologies for the colonization of space. Donald is owner of Wiz Kidz, International, a web design and hosting company, Weavers of Dreams dot com, an author tools website, serves as President of Az Publishing Services, a Book Publishing firm, and is the author of two current novels.

This enables him to develop various techniques to create unique works using my material science background and artistic inspiration in a synergy of styles and media. Louise M. Kleba Louise began her engineering career in working multi-national programs as a radar systems field test engineer for Martin-Marietta in Orlando.

She gained expertise in characterizing metamorphic snow and trained personnel from partner countries in this science. Her experience prepared her well for her work at the Kennedy Space Center which began in when she hired on as an Avionics Engineer for space shuttle payloads. In , she was selected to represent the Astronaut Office as one of two Engineering Liaisons flying out shuttle payloads and then joining other liaisons who had begun the International Space Station construction effort. Louise supported ISS construction and payloads through until July Louise is a proud Hubble Hugger having worked all of the repair and servicing missions.

Today, she is reinventing herself and looking forward to new adventures.

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Gini Koch Gini Koch lives in Hell's Orientation Area aka Phoenix, AZ , works her butt off sadly, not literally by day, and writes by night with the rest of the beautiful people. Stanton, and J. She speaks frequently on what it takes to become a successful author and other aspects of writing and the publishing business. Erin Lale Lale's publishing career began in Her published works and paid works for hire include fiction, nonfiction, speeches, puzzles, songs, films, cartoons, TV commercials, art, newsletters, recipes, and translations.

She wrote for The Sonoma Index-Tribune, and was the publisher and editor of Berserkrgangr Magazine, a quarterly that ran 16 issues in the 90s. Her latest project, Time Yarns, is a world of multiple time continua and alternate universes, connected by the way physics and magic operate in the various timelines.

The Time Yarns anthologies showcase short stories in the tradition of hard sf written by scientists, with a couple of surprise oddball stories.

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Susan Lindsey Susan E. Lindsey is a freelance writer, independent book editor and publicist, and owner of Louisville-based Savvy Communication LLC. She edited or proofread 22 book manuscripts in for individual authors and Butler Books Publishing Company. Her work has been published in Underwired magazine and the Calliope anthology. Susan also writes a monthly author profile for The Highlander newspaper.

She can be reached at susanlindsey savvy-comm. In , he discovered that there were science fiction conventions and has been attending one or more each year since. The cons inspired him to write. Steven went to work for a small, specialty coatings company, starting in the laboratory where he worked on developing paints and adhesives. He was transferred to the International Division as Technical Manager.

He was promoted to Latin American Operations Director. After leaving the company, he worked, consulting at the Naval Air Weapons Center and civilian firms. With his wife and son, he formed a consulting partnership. He currently serves on boards of directors for several libraries and a local college.

Jack Mangan Jack Mangan is an author, podcaster, musician, father, etc. His "Jack Mangan's Deadpan Podcast" features over episodes and Unshows of interviews, commentary, comedy skits, original music, and a great deal of community-contributed content.

The Hooded Man

Jack's "Spherical Tomi" was among the first wave of podcast novels, and was the first number one title at Podiobooks. Jack has made countless guest appearances and performances on other podcast shows, and has had his work independently converted to audio format by a number of other New Media creators. His fiction and non-fiction writings have appeared in numerous online, print, and podcast venues, including such prestigious outlets as Michael A. He seeks to shake up perceptions and provoke independent thinking, through music, comedy, writing, and his outspoken, sometimes controversial views.

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  • API has been serving Arizona since and is the oldest paranormal investigations group in the state. Kyle is also a member of the Zombie Squad. An elite zombie elimination team that also helps others with disaster preparedness and making the world better with charity work around the country. He has a great curiosity of the unknown with a scientific slant on the possible answers. He has been interested in science fiction and fantasy since the 70's. Todd Miles First started in the fandom scene in Has worked on many other local conventions such as Anizona, Darkcon, Coppercon, Westercon and Randomcon.

    I was part of Ziggurat con the first gaming convention in an active war zone. Victoria Mock Originally hailing from Southern New Jersey , award-winning artist Victoria Mock is primarily known for her one-of-a-kind hand sculpted figures and Art Dolls.

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    Now residing in Arizona , she currently accepts commissions for her figures and her work can be found in several shops and galleries throughout the US. Her experience as an actor, make-up artist, and a photographer's assistant allows her to incorporate these skills into her one-of-a-kind figures. The magazine would run for ten years and print a wide variety of up and coming writers. Also in , Bob started the Essenzaslam Poetry Slam, which runs to this day as the longest running poetry slam in the Southwest.

    In , Bob founded Spokenworld. In , Bob founded Brick Cave Media , a media microglomerate his home office for the crazy film, book and audio ideas that his friends dream up. In , BCM released it's first full length feature film, Sacrifice. Sacrifice was shown on the opening night of the Phoenix Comicon.

    Giunta and in , will publish six additional titles, release a new film Yellowstone Sunset, and release 5 new albums of material. Rick Novy Rick Novy writes science fiction with a classic flavor. His novel "Rigel Kentaurus" is currently available at Amazon. Rick is also an avid fishkeeper with MTS multiple tank syndrome , and has written non-fiction articles on fishkeeping. He has yet to find a SFWA member who owns more aquariums. His novel "Fishpunk" should be finished by early summer. For entertainment he races tarantula wasps, wrestles rattlesnakes, and bakes in the noonday sun.

    The Knights of Virtue Series by J.A. Giunta

    His work has also appeared in anthologies, magazines and professional writing guides. He thinks it's damn cool that he's had stories in comic books. And like many writers, I've held a number of different jobs -- everything from computer programmer to horseback riding instructor to medical transcriptionist.

    My writing career began in when I sold the first of over non-fiction articles written for the national and regional horse magazines. Since that first book I went on to write a total of nine Celtic fantasy romances for Dorchester, and early in all nine of them will be available once again - this time as digital downloads from Samhain Publishing.

    And I am always more than happy to resent a writers' workshop at any convention. George went to college in Philadelphia, PA. The constant in his life was always drawing. If he could have only one tool, it would probably be a pencil. Felix Polz Felix was born in Oberstdorf, Bavaria, Germany and always wondered why his parents traded such a beautiful ski resort town for the Bronx.

    He served 33 years in the Army starting in Virginia, stopping in Vietnam and ending up in the Pentagon. He is the author of several military publications and a graduate level psychology book. His interests range from military sci-fi of course!

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    He is a member of Mensa and the local Moon Society which satisfies his interest in space travel, exploration and colonization. The collection comprises over 16, volumes of the 16thth centuries. It contains over 4, items, and includes over MSS, and of the printed books, are incunabula including many rare or unique single sheets ; are STC items; were printed in the 16th century and in the 17th century. The collection divides into three sections: a c. There is an especially strong group of blind-stamped 16th century specimens, and examples of the work of some of the finest contemporary British and French binders.

    Described as one of the three great English 20th century collections of bookbindings by Mr H. Nixon who, in his Broxbourne Library: styles and designs of bookbindings from the twelfth to the twentieth century, London, , describes a representative selection of the most notable examples from each century; b The remarkable collection of book sale catalogues and material for book trade history used for, and listed in, G.

    Pollard and A. Ehrman, The distribution of books by Catalogue to , Roxburghe Club, They include the catalogues of printers, publishers, booksellers, auctioneers, and libraries. Most of the countries of Europe are represented, and a wide range of book trade practices are illustrated; c A binding and printing history reference collection.

    The Collected Poetry Of J.A. Giunta, Volume II The Collected Poetry Of J.A. Giunta, Volume II
    The Collected Poetry Of J.A. Giunta, Volume II The Collected Poetry Of J.A. Giunta, Volume II
    The Collected Poetry Of J.A. Giunta, Volume II The Collected Poetry Of J.A. Giunta, Volume II
    The Collected Poetry Of J.A. Giunta, Volume II The Collected Poetry Of J.A. Giunta, Volume II
    The Collected Poetry Of J.A. Giunta, Volume II The Collected Poetry Of J.A. Giunta, Volume II
    The Collected Poetry Of J.A. Giunta, Volume II The Collected Poetry Of J.A. Giunta, Volume II
    The Collected Poetry Of J.A. Giunta, Volume II The Collected Poetry Of J.A. Giunta, Volume II

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